Corporate principles

“Confidence and Innovation”

We have been building up “Confidence” for more than a half of a century.
As a innovator and a pioneer, we have been making “innovations” in metal and wire products industry.
We continuously polish our principles of “Confidence and Innovation” in order to contribute to the society through our business.

Corporate creed


Everybody has their own “individuality”. Customers, suppliers, cooperated factories, employees, families, and everybody, related to Daidohant, also have their own “individuality”.
By blending and maximizing the pot of “individuality”,
we will make innovations to achieve the better life.

The main concept

“Fastening & Connecting”

Daidohant has been operating its business focusing on fasteners industry for more than 50 years.
When you tie something to the other, you would use fasteners as well as connectors. Fasteners and connectors are indispensable each other.
Therefore, we expand our focus and define our main concept as “Fastening & Connecting”.